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What’s better than riding on a swing? Going on one with a view! The rush of the wind in our hair and the feeling of butterflies in our stomach as we are launched back and forth into the air brings back childhood memories, long after our days in the playground are over.

Here are four swings around the world that offer panoramic sights worth travelling for.

Bali, Indonesia

Image by Artem Bali

Fuelled by tourist demand, there are dozens, if not hundreds of swings around Bali. The original, simply dubbed the Bali Swing, is located in Ubud. There are several smaller swings in the area, ranging from 10 to 20 metres tall, but the largest is a whopping 78 metres above ground. The structure is suspended between two coconut trees, and as you soar through the air, you will be rewarded with an amazing sight of the surrounding tropical jungle, terraced paddy fields, a waterfall and a river below.

Banos, Ecuador

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It takes a fair amount of courage and daring to attempt the La Casa del Arbol (The Treehouse) swing in Banos, deep in the Ecuadorian wilderness. The treehouse is a seismic monitoring station for the nearby active volcano Mount Tungurahua – but the swing is what really attracts adventurous tourists and adrenaline junkies to the area. Made from a simple plank suspended by two ropes to a steel beam on a tree branch, the swing has a seat belt to keep you from plunging down the mountain. With dizzying views of the valley below, it’s no wonder they call it The Swing At The End Of The World.

Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

Image by Ombak Sunset Hotel


A short ride away from Lombok is Gili Trawangan, a popular island dotted with fishing villages and resorts. One of its star attractions is the Datu Swing at Hotel Ombak Sunset, which after being featured on an Australian TV show, started a slew of copycat swings all around the island. The swing with its wooden beams seems to hover over the turquoise blue sea, and is especially lovely at sunset when the sun casts an ethereal glow over the water.

Hjørundfjord, Norway

Image by Michaela Nichole

Deep in the mountains of Norway is the beautiful Hjørundfjord, which features glaciers, picturesque alpine farms, fishing waters, quaint villages – and a swing with a view so stunningly beautiful it will take your breath away. Located at an inn called Christian Gaard bygdetun in the remote village of Trandal, getting there is not always easy, but the views are definitely worth it.