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Easter Sunday may not be an occasion widely observed in Malaysia but that should not come in our way of taking a ‘bite’ of the experience.

For Christians, the Easter egg is an important feast day symbol that depicts the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Hence, egg-centric activities like egg painting, egg hunting and egg rolling are fun traditions enjoyed by both young and the elderly on Easter Sunday.

If you don’t want to miss out on the fun, you can still enjoy eggy delights offered locally, through assorted egg-themed brunches to try in lieu of Easter! These 10 cafes fulfil your egg cravings in many shapes and forms:

Baked Eggs – Copper

Sidestepping from the usual shakshuka baked eggs is the Pira Oven Mushroom at Copper. The rather decadent casserole meal consists of charcoal roasted porcini, assorted mushrooms, drizzles of truffle oil, molten cheese and an onion puree, topped with a perfectly timed soft baked egg. A nicely toasted piece of bread served alongside completes the experience of dipping the runny yolk.  

Egg Benedict – Yeast Bistronomy

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Eggs Benedict may be a fixed item on any respectable brunch menu but none does it quite like Yeast. The French café boasts a variety of brunch egg dishes but their Eggs Ben with smoked salmon is among the standouts. Two perfectly wobbly eggs perch atop smoked salmon slices and brioche toast, smothered in creamy Bearniase sauce. Spear the plump domes for yolky gratification.

Scrambled eggs – Nutmeg

The much-loved scrambled eggs make frequent appearances on café and brunch menus, and although you can’t go wrong with them, it’s their pairing that makes them stand out. At Nutmeg, scrambled eggs is a highlight in their Croissant-wich dish, done in the creamiest and milkiest style, resting above a strip of house-cured salmon on a large flaky, buttery croissant, served with a side of crisp greens.

Salted egg yolk French toast  – Frisky Goat

Of late, salted egg yolk anything has been enjoying a moment in Malaysia. Frisky Goat gets inventive with the creamy, salted custardy sauce tucked between warm, pillow-soft French toasts topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The French toasts’ creamy, savoury flavours are balanced with a side of sliced strawberries and bananas, sprinkled with toasted almond nuts – a truly indulgent dish for lovers of sweet things. 

Scotch eggs – Thirdwave

Scotch eggs are a rare find in Malaysian brunch menus, and one such establishment that does a mean rendition is Thirdwave. Known for their visually stunning dishes and plating, the café’s Retro Scotch Eggs is a treat of a runny yolk centre egg enveloped in a juicy chicken mince wrap, made not so guilty with a crunchy beet and carrot nest on top of a creamy cauliflower bed garnished with alfalfa sprouts. 

Egg waffles – Eggu

Another delightful egg snack to try in Malaysia, 'eggettes', or egg waffles, hails from Hong Kong. These eggettes are served from Eggu, a standalone kiosk that pairs these crunchy waffles with soft serve ice cream in a myriad of flavours. The eggettes themselves come in a variety of flavours like original, chocolate chip studded, green tea, charcoal or butterscotch, best enjoyed freshly crisp and warmly made, dipped into a cup of cold and creamy soft serve of choice. 

Half-boiled eggs – Yut Kee

If you’re one who’s curious to do as the locals do, break fast with the traditional Malaysian dish of half-boiled eggs with a side of toasted bread. One legendary kopitiam (coffee shop) for this satisfying spread is at Yut Kee. Eggs are cooked in hot water for a few minutes before they are served cracked into saucers and eaten with a dash of pepper powder and lashings of soy sauce. It is best savoured dipped with warm and thick roti bakar toast coated first in kaya (coconut jam). 

Brunch Pasta – Bread Fruits

If you’re craving a substantial breakfast that goes beyond eggs, Bread Fruits offers a toothsome Brunch Pasta dish tossed through with sautéed mushrooms, crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, rocket, with a tantalising seven minute egg perched on top. The creamy fettuccine pasta is in fact a variation of carbonara, as the free range, half raw egg is intended to be tossed through the pasta for a creamy, eggy finish. 

Chilli Cheese toast – Huckleberry Food & Fare

Wake up your senses with spicy lashings of Huckleberry Food & Fare’s Chilli Cheese Toast, topped with a fried sunny side egg. A thick slice of pain de mie bread is laced with a fiery and savoury onion chilli sambal relish with melted cheese that’s perfect to soak up the runny yolk. Each bite of the egg-and-cheese-drenched toast is served with crunchy side greens as a palate cleanser.

Eggs & Soldier – Tous Les Jours

For those of you who grew up on breakfasts of eggs & soldiers, or soft-boiled eggs dipped with sticks of toast, your childhood comfort can be found at Tous Les Jours. The Korean bakery-cafe chain serves two soft-boiled eggs with choices of black rice pulut pan bread and toasted breadsticks, to be slathered first with butter. On top of nostalgia, this plate caters to light appetites nicely. 

Photo credits: Baked eggs, Egg Benedict, Scrambled eggs, Salted egg yolk French toast (by Jessica Liew), Scotch eggs, Egg waffles, Half-boiled eggs, Brunch pasta, Eggs & soldiers